Dr Rob Hicks


Dr Rob Hicks GP is one of the UK’s most popular and well-known media-doctors combining a committed medical practice with radio and television broadcasts as well as contributing regularly to medical columns in the press. Rob is a practising GP and also runs a ‘Men Only’ general practice clinic and works in a hospital sexual health clinic.


Rob appears on TV regularly as well as being a prolific health writer and medical journalist. He has columns in the People newspaper, Love It, Gurgle, and Prima Baby magazines. Rob has written three books – Control your blood pressure, Beat your allergies, and his most recent book Old-Fashioned Remedies – From Arsenic to Gin.


Rob is a medical consultant and contributor as well as the medical adviser to the award-winning BBC1 television drama series Doctors, BBC2 series Grow Your Own Drugs and Sky Living’s Bigger than…..


He lives in Greater London with his family, is passionate about music and is a singer/songwriter and key-board player in a pop/rock band currently recording their first album.


He also loves cycling, driving and writing about cars.