Nikki Smith


Nikki Smith is The Healthcounter’s very own Beauty Queen! Nikki is 20 years old and currently competing in Miss Universe Great Britain while studying for a law degree. She will be offering her expert advice on everything beauty related, offering Q&As with our social media community as well as sharing her diary with us and reviewing products each week.

“So far my beauty queen experience has lead me to meet some fantastic, inspiring people as well as boosting my confidence and self-esteem! I struggled with my identity when I was younger as having red hair and being different from other children my age but as I have got older I’ve learnt how to use what I have to my advantage, being different is good!” Says Nikki.

I love the pageant experience and swapping beauty tips with all the girls! I remember when I was younger I would watch beauty queen competitions and TV programmes such as ‘super sweet 16′ and wonder why I couldn’t be like the girls in them and now I finally feel like I’m living my dream! All it took was belief in myself and confidence.

Growing up through my teenage years I have experimented with many beauty products and feel what I am using now is the best, and believe me I have tried ALOT of products! So hopefully my regular top tips and reviews on everything from toner to tan and nail varnish to hairspray will save others time in researching the perfect products! Keep an eye out for my tips and diary of a Beauty Queen via The Healthcounter’s social media sites and blog.”