3rd July 2012 | Author:

New social pollen count tool – from Benadryl


Hay fever is often downplayed as a seasonal annoyance. However and as millions of hay fever sufferers know, this type of allergy can interfere with the daily routine. According to NHS estimates, there are approximately 15 million hay fever sufferers in the UK and the numbers maybe likely to increase.

The treatment of seasonal allergies is necessary in order to improve the quality of life of hay fever sufferers. However, it is equally important to take a preventative approach. This primarily involves being informed about the air quality conditions that may trigger or worsen hay fever attacks. The Met Office monitors pollen counts and produces detailed forecasts, which can be found on their website.

Pollen count forecasts & tools can be essential to hay fever sufferers. The most common online pollen count tools in the UK could be from antihistamine manufacturers which allow sufferers to view general pollen count forecasts much like the Met Office information. However a the social pollen count tool by Benadryl is quickly becoming a preferred tool for hay fever sufferers by encouraging the internet community to build up a localised picture of pollen air pollution in particular areas of the UK.

Some highlights of this tool include:


-Real time updates

-A mobile application so that users can be informed at all times whilst on the move

-The possibility of local reporting for high pollen counts and adding them to a map

- The pollen count tool by Benadryl focuses on the social aspects of technology. With this tool, incidences of high pollen counts can be reported via social networks like Twitter

Even though a permanent medical solution to hay fever has yet to be found, with tools like the social pollen count by Benadryl, hay fever sufferers could help in knowing when and where their symptoms are most likely occur.