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Quarter Life Crisis: Myth or Reality? Discuss.


Are you having or have you had a quarter life crisis? TheHealthcounter investigates this troubling new phase of life. 

The notion of a quarter life crisis has now become so prominent that it even has a Wikipedia entry, but with so many young people proclaiming they could take on the world, isn’t it time they took on a better attitude?

Success is a perception, isn’t it? So why do we all have such trouble admitting that life is a little harder than we thought, and that no, we haven’t had our “big break” yet. The internet and social media platforms have allowed us to make side by side comparisons of other people’s lives, and judge them as successes or failures, inevitably ending in the sufferer’s conclusion that they are the failure, and embarking upon a journey of self-fulfilling prophecy.


  1. Money worries (38%)
  2. Work (28%)
  3. Lack of sleep (24%)
  4. Relationship troubles (19%)
  5. Not having enough time (11%)
  6. Body image (10%)
  7. Arguments with a partner (8%)
  8. Health concerns (7%)
  9. Family commitments (5%)
  10. Arguments with friends (4%)

The idea of the QLC or something similar is nothing new, it is just that freedom of information is so advanced now we are all talking about itErik Henson, when creating his 8 life stages, identified one that matches the characteristics of the QLC. It is called intimacy versus isolation, and accurately describes the feelings of QLC sufferers when they move away from the safety of their parents towards the loneliness of the working world.

The theory of the peter pan and boomerang generation has been around for a while, and is worth researching for any would be sufferers.

Is it really a crisis though? Or is this period of life the transitional phase of student to master, which can take a very long time. Ask anyone who has been through this though and they will tell you it ended upon their sudden realisation of what they wanted in life.

With the amount of smartphones and designer items young people are showing off an a regular basis, along with a penchant for drinking and smoking, it is hard to believe debt is a major concern of theirs just yet, self-discovery and learning is the key to defeating this unpleasant feeling of helplessness. In fact, the current job market actually presents so many options to young people it is most likely off-putting to our generation. As a result of new technologies, jobs today are being created more than they are being removed.

Jamie Oliver says “Wet” British youths should man up and follow the good example set by European workers.  He would often work 100 hour weeks and says his restaurants would all close down if he relied on British staff.

All we need is balance in our lives, this cannot be taught, and it must be learned, a reason to get up in the morning is most likely the solution to the QLC. Disillusioned youth should try volunteering, or teaching, in order to feel a greater sense of purpose.

Whilst it may feel that life traps, exposes and humiliates all of us at some point in our younger years, isn’t it much better to have lived and learned and be wiser for it, than to have never had the experience?

QLC should not stand for quarter life crisis.

It’s a quarter life chance.

“If you feel lost it’s because you aren’t looking around.”

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