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Winter Blues, Gray Skies Syndrome, SAD – Why are we all so SAD?


Winter Blues, Blue Skies Syndrome or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a phenomenon that shifts with the winds, leaving sufferers feeling unduly depressed in the winter months. It is categorised as a Mood Disorder.

Winter is “a period of time characterized by coldness, misery, barrenness, or death.”

SAD is a condition that has been classified as a clinical depression and affects millions of people around the world.

According to BUPA, SAD most affects people between 18 – 30,

More common in females than males, it to affects a small percentage of people world-wide. It is thought that this could be due to the lack of Vitamin D, which is created by humans exposed to sunlight. Also, as a result of darker days, Melatonin rises whilst Serotonin falls.

It is entirely possible that you may not need treatment for your condition, and can simply wait it out.

How to tell if you have it:

Symptoms may include fatigue, lack of interest in activities, social withdrawal, cravings for foods high in carbohydrates and weight gain. Can worsen into long term depression: it is important to be vigilant when checking your symptoms.

It can even affect your ability to think clearly.

What to do if you have it:

Treatments can range from talk therapy to the prescription of anti-depressants. However, light therapy is one effective solution. The lights work to boost mood and energy, helping sufferers to feel a lot better.

Seasonal Affective Disorder plagues many people, making it harder for them to get up in the morning, and feel depressed during the day. The kind and clever minds at Lumie have been attempting to treat this since 1991 and their first BodyClock – a device that creates a natural sunset and sunrise- was an instant success that brought light therapy into mainstream consciousness. Now Lumie work closely with scientists, the government and sportsmen, having officially supplied British Swimming. All Lumie products have been registered as medical devices and can be used for many applications including treating acne.

The Lumie Bodyclock offers a great introduction to waking up naturally with light.  Enjoy waking with a simulated sunrise over 30 minutes, which helps you to feel refreshed and energised.

Lumie Body Clock Starter Edition Winter Blues Gray Skies SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

How it works
Waking up naturally with light each day helps to realign the bodies sleep / wake cycle which can aid energy levels and improve mood throughout the day.

The alarm brightens over a 30 minute period and illuminates the whole room waking you naturally. The optional back-up beeper offers new users peace of mind.  The compact alarm unit has a contemporary discreet look.

Also, seafood and probiotics are thought to help.

Vitamin D supplements may help to further boost mood and energy levels.

Here are ten more things you might not know about SAD

Recently it has been announced as many as 12% of Britons feel “utterly exhausted”, could this coincide with the darker days?

Have you been feeling down recently?