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Syndol is gone, but there are alternatives!


Looking For Syndol? Try these alternatives

Popular painkiller Syndol has been off the market for a while now, but this hasn’t stopped the requests coming in, so we’ve published this blog to let you know what alternatives are available to you. 

Along with the usual painkiller ingredients, Syndol also included a first generation sedating antihistamine which is effective at lessening the symptoms of the common cold. It could also have a muscle-relaxing effect which helped people with pain get to sleep.

In short, this powerful sedative antihistamine is what made Syndol so effective.

Unfortunately, it was eventually removed from the market, but there are alternatives out there that can be just as effective.

Syndol was ideal for treating Tension Headaches, the most common type of headache, because it numbed the pain whilst promoting a feeling of relaxation that allowed headache sufferers to sleep.

It was not considered Non-Drowsy.

What now?

There are plenty of other products out there that can tackle your headache, in fact, there are too many.

That is why TheHealthcounter has created this list of recommendations, just for you.


Just like Syndol, Migraleve Pink tablets contain a Sedating Antihistamine as well as powerful painkillers, and acts in a very similar way to Syndol, helping to prevent the onset of nausea, vomiting and migraine that may prevent restful sleep. These tablets are powerful, and more than two should not be taken in a 24 hour period.


Panadol Night Pain, contains an active ingredient often considered to be the successor to the ingredient contained in Syndol, a next gen sedating antihistamine. This painkiller may create the drowsy sensation that sufferers of night time pain may have been seeking from Syndol. It is particularly suitable for the short-term treatment of rheumatic and muscular pain, backache, neuralgia, toothache, migraine, headache and period pain that may be preventing the sufferer from achieving sleep.


Paramol is one of the strongest painkillers on the market, and contains an active ingredient similar to that of Syndol’s that may promote drowsiness. It relieves both pain and feverishness and is suitable for toothache, backache and migraines. Paramol, along with Solpadeine, may be the best for your pain.

Solpadeine plus

Solpadeine is a quick-relief painkiller because it is an effervescent, and takes much less time to be absorbed by the body than a tablet or capsule, providing excellent relief from aches, pains, colds and flu.


Nurofen Tension Headaches is designed to act in a similar way to Syndol, and can be considered Non-Drowsy.

All the above are alternative painkillers to Syndol with similar, but not identical formulations. All cause drowsiness which can be potentiated by other medicines and alcohol, so care should be taken. Always read the packaging and patient information leaflet carefully before taking to make sure they are suitable and do not interact with any other medicines you may be taking, or check with your local pharmacist.  All these painkillers should be used for a short period of time only (see individual products for details).

So you see, there are many alternatives to Syndol available in the UK; You do not need to resort to buying the Syndol currently available from abroad, where it will look like below and may not be totally legitimate.

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