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8 Sure Ways To Get You Back To Sleep At 2AM!


We’ve all had that moment where either sleep just isn’t coming fast enough, or suddenly we’re wide awake at 2AM. When this happens, don’t panic! By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what to do.

1. You just can’t just make your body go to sleep. Unfortunately that isn’t something we are programmed with! However, you can distract your mind.

Forget about counting sheep, why don’t you picture somewhere you are very familiar with, somewhere like your previous house, high school or university halls: recall as much detail as possible and imagine or remember a scene which is relaxing and distracting.

2. Imagination is key! The time between when you lie down and before you go to sleep is a great time to plan a lucid dream.

Just let your mind wonder, and lose yourself in your imagination – you can be as creative as you want! Build your ideal house, think up strange and impossible things, try storytelling, or maybe imagine doing something fun and calming with a loved one.

3. Thinking too hard? When your mind is racing and you have too many things on your mind, write it down!

Make a list of all of your worries, tensions and problems and to every point, write a solution. Continue to do this until your eyes start to droop and your body just wants to curl up into bed! If you don’t write things down and make this list in your head, your mind becomes jumbled and is more frustrating than useful.

4. Are you tossing and turning? If you’re uncomfortable and can’t find the best spot, lie still and meditate.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to overcome stress. Lie still, close your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose and follow it down to your stomach and back out. It your mind is still active, just keep on breathing deeply and your calm body will eventually lead to a calm mind!

5. If these steps so far haven’t sent you to the land of nod, get up. Don’t stay in bed if you aren’t sleeping, this will help to stop your body associating your bed with a place you can’t sleep.

Go to another room and do something which is boring and non-stimulating. Fold laundry or listen to an audio-book until you start feeling the pull of sleep. When this happens, walk slowly to bed – you don’t want to wake yourself up again!

6. All forms of technology are a no-go at bedtime.

Do not check your emails, or Facebook, or pay bills and definitely do not turn your laptop or computer on. The bright screens on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV can force you to wake up, plus bright screens in a dark room is bad for your eyes. So just don’t do it.

7. Absolutely DO NOT start your day!

Being too productive like working, can over-stimulate your brain and wake you up completely– the sense of achievement you feel after completing your task might encourage your brain to wake you up at the same time to get things done.

8. It’s raining, it’s pouring, and someone in the house is SNORING!

If you have a family member or a spouse who snores, (maybe it’s you??) and it sounds like the whole house is shaking and there’s a continuous thunder storm in your house, don’t worry, we have it under control!

Asonor Nose Drops are a clinically proven method which can be used to stop snoring, and give you and your loved ones a full night’s sleep! Finally.

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