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7 Superfoods for a Diabetic Diet


A diabetic diet needs to be low in fat, cholesterol, salt and no added sugars, looks daunting right? If you’ve just found out you need to change your diet or are looking for new foods to add into your diabetic diet read on! We’ve come up with 8 nutritionally beneficial superfoods which could help you to lower your blood sugar, burn fat and become healthier.

  1. Quinoa

This whole-grain is an excellent food to add into your diet. It has a low glycaemic index which helps to support an even blood sugar level and is packed full of protein, vitamins and fibre – it’s even gluten free! Quinoa can also help to boost metabolism which is useful if you have been told by a doctor to lose weight. Not only is it a low calorie food, it’s also very filling.

  1. Sweet Potato

Removing your favourite foods from your diet can be a very tough experience, however if you love sweet potato, you’re in luck! According to the American Diabetes Association, sweet potatoes have been shown to lower insulin resistance in your body and will help to stabilise your blood sugar levels. While you’ll have to avoid eating white potatoes as they have a high glycaemic index, you shouldn’t have the same problem with sweet potatoes J

  1. Broccoli

High in fibre and low in calorie and carbohydrates, this green superfood is very filling and incredibly healthy for a diabetic diet. Half a cup of steamed broccoli contains ONLY 50 calories and has five grams of fibre. For some delicious broccoli recipes, follow this link.

  1. Fish

Seafood and fish are a great addition to your diet as most of it is low in cholesterol and in trans & saturated fat. Just be sure that your fish is baked, grilled or broiled – fish which is fried or in breadcrumbs defeat the purpose of a healthy meal! Next time you’re at a supermarket, think about adding some salmon, tilapia, prawns, trout or cod into your basket.

  1. Fruit

Has getting your 5 fruit and veg a day suddenly become quite difficult? Fruits, while very healthy and necessary for a healthy diet, can be laden with hidden natural sugars. The fruits which you should eat (in moderation) are:

  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • A small banana
  • Mangos

You should however definitely avoid fruit juices and smoothies – and if you’re eating dried fruit, limit yourself to just a tablespoon.

  1. Beans

One cup of beans contains about the same amount of protein as two ounces of meat. These underdogs contain NO cholesterol and only a small amount of unsaturated fat! You should also add a lot of beans into your diet because they’re very high in fibre.

So why are high fibre foods good for a diabetic diet? Fibre slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugar which in turn decelerates the process of allowing sugar to enter into your bloodstream. You can find a longer list of foods which are high in fibre here.

  1. Olive Oil

To make a healthy lifestyle change, replace butter and cooking oil with olive oil – this is a tip applies to everyone! Olive oil is low in saturated fats and helps to lower low-density lipoproteins (the “bad” cholesterol) whilst improving the blood sugar control of your body. Olive oil is the base of Mediterranean dishes, so have a look at some of these delicious, healthy recipes to get started on.

Make small healthy changes every day, learn from your slip ups and just keep going. Have a tip we missed? Share in the comments box below, you could be helping other people who are making the same changes you have :)