1st November 2016 | Author:

Moustache Tips for Movember


Hirsute charity event Movember takes place again this November – with men up and down the country growing incredible moustaches to raise money for charity.

Movember has steadily grown year-on-year and has raised £443 million since the cause started in 2003!

Movember has focused its fundraising around male health, with cash going towards cancer charities, especially those concentrating on prostate and testicular cancers.

The premise is simple: start the month clean shaven, and finish it with some kind of ridiculous moustache.

Dali-style twists, handlebars and lip-ticklers are all well within the rules: skimping on a ‘tache and growing a goatee simply won’t do.

As any seasoned moustachio will tell you, growing a great moustache requires a bit of gentle grooming.

Top-lip topiary needn’t be a flailing mess of scissors, though – there are loads of great male grooming products, razors and shavers to make styling your mo’ a doddle this Movember.

Of course, beard and ‘tache hair is different to the hair on your head: thicker, coarser, curlier, and it’s not enough to slap some gel on in the morning and pretend you’ve made an effort.

If you are planning to style your moustache – rather than letting it grow au naturel – then try not to get too over-enthusiastic with the clippers too soon.

Give your mo’ at least a week to ‘bed in’ before you start chopping into it. This will make it far easier to style, for a start.

Growing a decent mo’ requires a little bit of preening: remember to shampoo your face as well as your head, use a conditioner, and don’t shy away from the comb.

If you’re planning some kind of crazy facial hair style, it’ll be important to define the lines in your ‘tache: and there’s no easier way to do this than with a beard or sideburn trimmer. These electric shavers are easy to use without being fiddly, meaning you can focus on all your Movember compliments, instead of spending hours in the mirror trying desperately not to look too Dick Dastardly.

In the bathroom, a double-sided mirror, with magnifying side, can help you spot strays more easily. It also makes it easier to shave in straight lines when you can see up close.

Shaving oil may also make it a bit easier: it allows you to see what you’re shaving, so shaved lines around the edges are far cleaner.

If you’re hoping to add some interest to your mo’ – twisty ends, for instance – then you can buy specialist moustache wax. If that sounds like too much hassle, make the crossover to girl’s products and grab some eyebrow wax – it’s a more common find, and it’ll do the same job throughout Movember.