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7 Tips On How To Work Out


Have trouble finding time to go to the gym? It’s not difficult to see why! When you’re juggling your work life and home life and also looking after your family, finding a spare five minutes to breathe alone can be difficult.

Knowing this, we have created a short exercise routine which you can do whilst doing everyday jobs or chores :)  

1. If there are toys or anything else littering the floor, pick them up by squatting.

-          Keeping your back straight, squat deeply by bending your knees. Hold for 15 seconds before you rise.

-          Repeat with every object in your way! If you’re straining with 15 seconds, start with five seconds and increase as your hamstrings grow.

2. Clean to a beat!

-          Turn on the radio or listen to your favourite songs on your iPod whilst you’re cleaning. Dance up a storm and work up a sweat!

-          You can also dance whilst making dinner. The average time spent making dinner is around 30 minutes, so get wriggling! Move your hips when you stir and instead of walking to another area of the kitchen, spin.

3. No one likes to clean the windows, but it does need to be done, so wash them inside and out.

-          Use long, wide, circular motions when cleaning your windows; this technique can be used for scrubbing any surfaces. This will help to work your arms and shoulders leaving you with definition over time!

-          When you are cleaning the bottom of a glass door, squat to reach the lower spots – this way you can work your legs too!

4. It’s hoover time!

-          When hoovering, start by moving all of the furniture out of the way. The art of bending your knees and keeping your back straight as you lift items of furniture can be paralleled to weight lifting! Don’t forget to be very careful though – if your body is straining, you should stop.

-          As you move around, squeeze in your abdominal and buttock muscles (your glutes).

-          Why not also perform some walking lunges to really feel it in your thighs and glutes?

5.  Walk, don’t drive!

-          Instead of driving to the local supermarket, why not walk? Set a brisk pace on the way there and an even pace as you carry all of the shopping home.

-          When you are going out with your children, walk with them. This will encourage them to have a healthy mind set and will also give you all of the fresh air and Vitamin D that your body requires!

6. Squat, twist and stretch.

-          When unloading or loading your dishwasher or washing machine, push your body a little extra. You can add a twist and reach movement when taking the dishes out and a squat and arm stretch when putting the clothes in the washing machine and out to dry.

7. Take the stairs.

-          It sounds simple, but just by climbing stairs for about 30 minutes a day you can drop 285 calories! So forget the escalators on the way to work and climb those stairs to work your glutes and hamstrings!

-          Try taking two steps at a time and perform a lunge like motion to get the full benefit for your body.

If you continue to do these everyday motions in your life, you can stop feeling guilty about not going to the gym!

Know any other chore related exercises? Let us know in the comments below!